Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Erhart

Technische Unternehmensberatung


Emerging new technologies will play the dominant role in future international competition. The development of new products is closely linked with the availability of new advanced materials, surface treatment processes, and coatings. These technologies cut across all industry lines and technical disciplines: mechanical engineering, vehicle engineering, aviation and aerospace technology, medical technology, chemical engineering, optics, electrical engineering and electronics, and many more.


•  We can provide you with expert knowledge concerning advancements in material science and engineering, especially about all aspects of modern surface technologies and their applications.

• Do you need help in selecting and developing

  a surface technology for your products?

• Do you intend to market a new material, a coating

  or surface treatment?

• Do you need to evaluate or develop a market for

  a surface engineering process?                        

We cover all aspects of materials and surface technologies:

• Product and process development

• Manufacturing technologies

• Marketing and sales


We combine knowledge of  traditional coating processes with knowledge concerning the latest developments in modern materials and surface technologies.

Our experience and know-how enables us to specialise in helping your company use high technology for business success.