Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Erhart

Technische Unternehmensberatung

Technical Consulting

We provide experience in the leading edge technologies in the fields of coatings, surface treatments, and new materials:



• Physical vapour deposition (PVD):

     sputtering, evaporation, cathodic and anodic arc     

• Chemical vapour deposition (CVD):

     thermal CVD, Plasma-CVD     

• Surface treatment:

     plasma and corona treatment     

• Ion beam methods:

     ion implantation, ion beam coating     

• Laser beam processes:

    laser-aided coating, laser ablation, surface hardening     

• Thermal diffusion coatings:

     alitizing, boronizing, nitriding, TD process     

• Thermal and plasma spray coatings

• Ceramic and composite coatings

• Diamond film technology

• Heat treatment: hardening, brazing.

• Electroplating:

     hard chromium, electroless nickel, anodising of aluminium and magnesium     

• Sol-Gel-Process:

     Ormocer coatings, nanocomposite coatings     

• Functional materials:

     steels, plastics, ceramics, composites     


Today’s advances in surface technology not only protect but also improve the surface properties of many substrates.


These enhancements may include corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, catalytic behaviour, gas permeability, absorption/desorption, electrical conductivity, electronic properties, and more.

We support customers during the development of surface techniques and materials for specific applications.


Our goal is to optimise the performance of tools and components used in different fields of application by selecting and developing appropriate coatings or surface treatments.


We conduct our development projects in cooperation with the customer and various partners in research institutes and companies.