Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Erhart

Technische Unternehmensberatung


Surface technologies are used in almost all relevant industrial sectors from microelectronics through medical technology to the aerospace industry.

Functional Coatings

• Tribological coatings on tools and components

(hard coatings, lubricious and low friction coatings) on:   cutting tools, forming tools, punching and bending tools,   drawing dies, embossing tools, plastic and rubber  moulds, components for machine building, vehicles,   aviation and aerospace, medical technology.

• Corrosion protection coatings

• Barrier coatings, such as thermal barriers, diffusion

  and permeation barriers

• Biocompatible coatings

• Optical coatings

• Electrochromic and photochromic coatings

• Catalytic coatings

Decorative coatings on:

• Jewelry, watches, eyeglasses frames, writing instruments

• Automobile parts such as: door handles, rims, radiator grills

• Bathroom hardware

• Door hardware, furniture fittings

• Electric and electronic appliances such as: cases of

  laptop computers, cellphones, MP3-players, cameras.