Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Erhart

Technische Unternehmensberatung


The following list presents an overview of typical projects from the last years:

• Vacuum coatings on plastic substrates

  (parts and foils)

• Diamond coatings on carbide tools

• Coating of magnesium alloys

• Coatings on electrodes for electrochemistry and waste water treatment

• Roll-to-roll coatings on metal and plastic foils

• High absorption optical coatings (black coatings)

• Solar thermal coatings

• PVD coatings on utility blades

• Decorative coatings on special polymers

  (combination of PVD and electroplating)

• Decorative coating of aluminium sheet material

  (bicolour anodising)

Coatings for hard chrome substitution

Laser cladding of various parts

• Substitution of chromatising by Cr(VI)-free

  alternative coatings

• DLC and ta-C coatings on tools and wear parts

• PVD coatings on plastic moulds (market study)

• Application of DLC coatings (market study)

• Solar thermal energy (market study)

• Vacuum coating methods for medical implants

  (market study)

• Evaluation of business concepts (different topics in the field of surface technology)