Dr. rer. nat. Helmut Erhart

Technische Unternehmensberatung


Innovative companies and research and development institutes often underestimate the importance of market research and marketing. They consider them merely as cost factors and not as an investment in the future.

Many companies and institutes that invest a lot of money in product or process development think they can save money by reducing marketing expenditures. They do not realize that nowadays economic success in a buyer’s market is impossible without effective marketing methods.

•  We offer a variety of services, ranging from business planning and professional advice to assistance with strategic marketing and planning issues.  •  Market studies as a basis for defining new market growth opportunities:

• Product assessment

• Market analysis: segments, sizes, competition

•  Identification of target groups

•  Based on the results of our market research, product assessment, and individual company characteristics we can design a marketing concept for you  •  Establishment of customer contacts: Using the target groups we identify in our market research, we can also create initial customer contacts for you.   •  In the initial marketing phase we can act as a regional contact and sales office   •  Selection and establishment of business partnerships: Using our intimate knowledge of the market place we are able to identify the ideal partners for your business.