Dr. Helmut Erhart Technology Consultancy is now in its 20th year of operation. The principal services we provide are in the selection, development and evaluation of surface and materials technologies, coatings and related surface engineering problems.  Our expertise includes not only the technical aspects of these subjects but also experience-based insights into the marketing of materials, coatings and surface treatments.

The aim of our business is to provide consulting services to companies that need independent expertise associated with materials and coating technologies. Companies and research institutes often lack combined knowledge of technology and market issues. Dr. Helmut Erhart Technology Consultancy aims at filling this knowledge gap.

Dr. Helmut Erhart has been involved in surface and materials engineering for almost 35 years. Prior to starting his own business he worked as a scientist in research institutes including the Max-Planck-Institute Düsseldorf, Pennsylvania State University, and Ohio State University; provided research support and technology transfer services at the VDI Technology Centre in Düsseldorf; and served in leading management positions of coating companies in Germany.

Our customers are companies, research institutes and public institutions in Germany, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North America.


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